Jam Making Ricer

One versatile tool, three interchangeable discs

Other than making the most incredible jams and jellies, you can also use this muti-purpose work horse to make fluffy and silky mashed potato dishes, creamy puree, guacamole, hash browns, croquettes, pierogi, pureeing baby food, you name it! This baby can rice just about anything including vegetables and fruits.

1. Three ricing discs equals three different sized ricings

Three different porous plates give you ample versatility with how fine you want your riced items to be.

• The fine setting is important for making fluffy mashed potatoes, gnocchi, puree, and paste.
• You will be using the medium setting for straining boiled vegetables to make sure that your dish does not turn soggy.
• The coarse setting will come handy for making homemade jams, tomato or applesauce, ricing eggs for a salad, etc.

2. Easy to use and clean

After cooking your items to be riced, place them into the hopper and squeeze the handles to extrude the mashed material through the perforated disk. Detachable disks make it a lot easier to clean the whole ricer thoroughly, especially when you have to scrape off bits of food from the holes at the base.

3. Professional and user-friendly design

• It has an award-winning design which includes an ergonomic soft-grip handle with a pressure-absorbing rubber layer.
• It is made of high-quality stainless steel which makes gives it a polished surface and makes it highly durable.
• It has a knob at the top of the hopper, which holds the ricer securely onto the bowl, allowing you to rice directly into a bowl in a mess-free way.
• The knob has a hole through which the ricer can be hanged for drying.

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